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Are you wondering if you will thrive in an EEI Gap year? Ask yourself:

Am I hungry for experience and learning, but ready for a break from studying my life away in a classroom and in front of a screen?

Do I wish to explore ways of living that are not driven by consumerism and technology, but rather driven by an understanding of our interconnectedness with one another and with the earth?

Are my body, mind, and heart yearning for moving and living outdoors, for deeper connections, for real conversations, for being heard and seen for who I really am and am becoming?

Am I interested in challenging myself intellectually and personally? Do I want to deepen my ecological consciousness?

Do I have a passion for learning about sustainable solutions and for making the world a better place? Am I ready to “be the change you wish to see in the world?”

If you answered YES to these questions, EEI is the Gap Year program for you! Learn more about how an EEI Gap Year works.


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