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 Learn as a Whole Person

As Christopher Uhl says in his book “Teaching as if life matters,” “we are not just brains on a stick.” Therefore, our model takes into account the many facets of each of us as learning, curious, embodied, and spiritual beings.


You will focus on developing more authentic, ethical, and deeply rooted connections with the natural world, with yourself, and with others through an education that engages your whole self, including not only your intellect but also your physical, emotional, spiritual, and social sides.

Self-directed and Learner-centered

You are encouraged and supported to take charge of your own learning. You will prepare and lead seminars, discussions, and other educational activities, and within a flexible framework, you choose your areas of emphasis within your courses and create a personal study plan each semester.


You will be supported to engage in deep and critical reflection and action, revealing assumptions underlying behaviors and values, and developing a desire and the ability for making change in yourself and in the world.

Live and Learn in Community

Learning community focused

You fully participate in aEWBckPckGroupn academic learning community involving peer education through seminars, workshops, and discussions and full-group academic decision making. By combing the efforts, insights, and enthusiasms of  the community, a richer and deeper experience is created for everyone.

Simultaneously, you engage in a social community with consensus decision making, an emphasis on communication and conflict resolution skills, and practice in living consciously and well with others.


Because the complexity of the social and environmental problems that we face requires thinking that is not bound by disciplines, you will learn to view the world through multiple lenses and to understand the limits and strengths of each.

Immerse in Nature

Nature as teacher

Expedition education is based on a belief in the power of experiencing the natural world. By living and working outdoors, sleeping on the ground, and through backcountry time, you will form a strong personal relationship with the natural world and learn through prolonged observation the flora, fauna, and ecological processes in the bioregions we travel.

Service learning

We stress the importance of giving back to the communities we visit and the potency of direct experience both for learning skills and for making the concepts, controversies, and issues we study immediate and tangible. Each expedition participates in a variety of service learning projects.


You will gain a deep understanding about complex issues by learning first-hand through meetings with regionally based writers, scientists, activists, educators, and community leaders and by engaging with diverse geographic and cultural communities.

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